AMT Productions 2022 Ticketing Policies:

2022 Concert Series PURCHASE Policy

*Effective 12/06/2021*



  • All ticket prices for AMT Productions events are presented, configured, and displayed in United States Dollars.  United States Dollars is the only currency that will be accepted by AMT Productions.



  • AMT Productions accepts several methods of payment to accommodate customer needs.  We accept the following:

  1.  Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

  2.  Personal Check and Cash



  • AMT Productions is a private, family-owned business that is an event organizer on behalf of the Artist(s) that are advertised in our brochures, website, and social media pages.


  • AMT Productions is the sole caretaker of all business aspects for all concerts and events held and represented under its name and brand.  Please do NOT call the venue where the event is being held for any type of business inquiries. All AMT Productions business is solely conducted from our private office.


  • If you are buying tickets from our website, please know that all transactions are secure, private and are solely handled by AMT Productions management and staff directly.



  • All pricing for tickets is set and agreed upon by AMT Productions management and Artist management.  All ticket prices are fully transparent with no hidden fees. 


  • All sales for tickets purchased with AMT Productions are FINAL and can not be refunded.  Only in certain and limited circumstances will any refunds that are requested, approved, and processed, be done so according to our Refund Policy.


  • During the checkout process, you will incur Service Fees and Shipping Fees: 


  1.  If you choose to have your tickets mailed to you (Box Office Phone Orders), there will be a $3.00 Shipping/Mailing Fee applied to your order. 


   2. If you purchase your tickets from our website (Online Orders), there will be a $0.00 Shipping/Mailing Fee applied to your order, as these tickets           will be directly sent to your inbox with the e-mail address you provided at checkout.


   3. During the checkout process, there will be a Service Fee of $5.00/per ticket applied to your order.


*ALL Service and Shipping fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and can not be returned to you in the event of a refund issuance; ONLY in the event that a scheduled event is Cancelled, Rescheduled, or Postponed, ALL Service and Shipping Fees WILL BE returned to you.*